lunes, 1 de agosto de 2011

Question/doubt time

kk peeps, before I post my very first video  I would like to hear to some suggestions doubts about art and I will do my best to answer and find an easy and effective way to explain and hopefully help :)

dunno, basics, sketching, maybe coloring? anything lol

so, go ahead!

lunes, 10 de enero de 2011


Have a warm welcome to my blog, this blog is used for learning resources, video tutorials also if you have any questions about my techniques, feel free to ask and I will gladly answer.

this is NOT A HOW TO blog, its A HOW I work, there are infinite ways to achieve results in art, the worse thing you can do is to hold back your self from trying new things.

That said, keep in mind 3 things!

Observe: Teach your eye to observe the details, don’t only go see something, ANALIZE IT, carefully. If you want to draw or paint an orange, go grab an orange

Experiment: Try different things, different ways to achieve and develop your art, in time you will find one that fits your need and eventually you will master it

 PRACTICE!: this is very important, good results dont come from no where, and there is no magic into it, its all hard work, by observing and experimenting, but at the end the time spent its sure worth it

don’t use the lame excuse -I am not inspired- inspiration never comes, what you need its motivation.
I have noticed that when ever I am working on a pic, if I see good results it motivates me to work it even harder or start another one, so JUST DO IT!