lunes, 1 de agosto de 2011

Question/doubt time

kk peeps, before I post my very first video  I would like to hear to some suggestions doubts about art and I will do my best to answer and find an easy and effective way to explain and hopefully help :)

dunno, basics, sketching, maybe coloring? anything lol

so, go ahead!

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  1. Things I have some difficulty with:

    -The rough stage of drawing to lay out the anatomy and proportions
    -Especially when trying to make dynamic and interesting poses.
    -Line quality
    -Tablet drawing techniques, which goes with the previous point of line quality.

  2. Anatomy lessons and sketching would be really great!

    Feed me with your wisdom! :)

  3. unique style I enjoy is your coloring style.

    I'd be interested in what tools, brushes, etc you use for coloring. :)

    This could be combined with anatomy and fabric coloring tutorials perhaps?

  4. Lineart, how to have a nice looking lineart, not all scratchi

    And the coloring too :)

  5. maybe you could do video about developing own style and tuotiral and tips for digital inking?

  6. I agree with all of the above. There are four major areas I think would work great for video tutorials. So...everything! =p Just kidding. Here are the main areas I can think of.

    #1: Composition. How to get the rough proportions right for the character and keeping everything in scale with each other. Getting perspective right. Arms, legs, and other parts scaling properly larger or smaller with the camera.

    #2: Proper line work. What brushes to use. How to keep the lines smooth and flowing without looking like a coloring book.

    #3: Layers! Holy crap layers. Sketch, overall ink, detail ink, colors, shading. Above and below layers, using layers to move and scale things. Man there is a lot about them I don't know.

    #4: How you do the shading you do so well. I get the flat color ideas, and doing highlights and such, but you have a way of using colors I would never even think of and layering/blending them together to make magic.


  7. Lot of great comments already, but I'd really like to know you coloring process and mentality when it comes to color and textures.